Dress to impress

The ability to find things in unexplored places...

That's why I call myself a fashion detective. I search the web A LOT!


It started as a job when I had to find and identify scientists online for a marketing campaign and now it's easier since it's dead things. Not people. Haha. But I guess I could be a real detective/personal investigator too. I don't think it's for me though. Sometimes I have a goal, a site to visit. Sometimes I stumble upon some pieces and it surprises me that if you just look everywhere and have an open mind, you can find some rare goodies.


Bonprix is a brand I heard of because of their under/swimwear for girls with bigger 'assets' and it's cheaper than Twilfit for example. When I was done shopping for my 'girls' I saw this cute dress and so the scrolling began. Here are my results! Divided into everyday wear and night/partywear. It's cheap and affordable too!

P.S I took these items from the Swedish Bonprix, but there are several online (?) stores in Europe so see if you have it in your country.


Dress, 399 SEK


Skirt in leather immitation, (polyester), 249 SEK

Denim blouse, 299 SEK

Striped leggings, 229 SEK

Dress with patterns, 299 SEK

Short sleeved blouse, 199 SEK

Jacket/blazer, 399 SEK

Knitted sweater with laces, 299 SEK


And some party wear to brighten it up a bit, normal clothing is sometimes getting me down haha, I'm much more of a glitz and glam girl within


Sequin dress, 499 SEK

Metallic dress, 399 SEK

Dress with rivets, 449 SEK

Evening dress, 499 SEK


And here is a Tuesday tune for you. Have a nice afternoon!

"It was on a Tuesday afternoon

Josie was one of those easy girls who had wide eyes

And she was drawn in by the incense at the mission room bar

You know, once she got in the boys attacked her like o movie star

And as soon as she got nervous she was drinkin' and smokin'

Like a lover caught chokin' on another man bone

But clicking her heels wouldn't get her home

She called ma laughin' from a pay phone


On this Tuesday afternoon

Josie got caught in the mission room

Where the man are crazy and the women are too

Before you know it's Wednesday in the afternoon"


Just don't party on a weekday.. ;)


xoxo / Emz


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