Dress to impress

I'll do a lot for a piece from ALDO

I first noticed the brand when I was searching for new cool accessories. I fell in love, I wanted more and more, it became an addiction searching, looking, dreaming, wanted to try them all! Dressing up in these pieces I would feel like a fierce fairy, which is unexpected but very awesome.

I have never been an accessory-liking girl! I barely wear earrings. No rings, no bracers... nothing. Sometimes for work or a party, sure. So to be able to fall this hard for a brand with flower and romance theme... it's strange. I am attracted to the colors and themes of my childhood. The girly girl I was back then. More flowers and colors I say, for the future!


Go BIG or go home. I think accessories are here, on us, to be seen!


GOIWIA - light yellow

399 SEK

EOWANIA - silver rings, 3 pack

149 SEK

VERICLYA - bright/multi

249 SEK

AFADOVEN - white

254 SEK (on sale)

PORRITT - pastel/multi

509 SEK (on sale)


149 SEK (on sale)

LEGIANI - black

594 SEK (on sale)

CILALLAN - champange

179 SEK

GWAONIA - pastel multi

319 SEK (on sale)

NIEVAS 4 PACK rings - ice

179 SEK

AGRELANNA - white nabuck

149 SEK

DEROLAND - navy/miscellaneous

649 SEK

WILLAMETTE - Hair Styling Accessory - ice/gold

179 SEK

NAVEN - light pink

454 SEK (on sale)


118 SEK (on sale)

SANSPERATE - light pink

709 SEK (on sale)

LASSALLE - medium blue

134 SEK (on sale)


339 SEK (on sale)


It's getting very hard not to buy at least five of these...!!! My wallet is not big enough, bu huuu... Story of my life ^^ haha I want to earn a big paycheck and spend some on fashion NOW!


xoxo/ Em


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