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Dear readers,


Thank Facebook and Instagram for sneaking in commercial and ads because sometimes it's interesting and that's how I found Adel Paris

They ship worldwide and it's free! They have a 50% sale going on now too so we're lucky!

I really love the uniqueness of the clothes and shoes on Adel Paris and it would be a dream to buy all of it for this spring and summer. Amor!

The models are very skinny though so I'm not sure how it would look like on me and my curvy full body rather than tall and skinny. The usual dilemma. Sigh. There is only one solution, to buy it and try it! And order one size above your regular since sizes run slightly small.


Blue Bow Blouse

$78.99 / $38.99 on sale


Sexy Catwalk Heels

$118.99 / $52.99 on sale


Vintage Lace Dress

$86.99 / $46.99 on sale


Lilian Dress

$76.99 / $36.99 on sale


Satin Long Skirt

 $85.99 / $45.99 on sale


Ashlee Top

$81.99 / $41.99 on sale


Moria Bag

$84.99 / $44.99 on sale


Elegant Vintage Blouse

$119.99 / $53.99 on sale


Emilia Shirt

$78.99 / $36.99 on sale


Emery Playsuit

$80.99 / $40.99 on sale


And just look at these PANTS! <3



I love them but I can't find any information about them and if they will return... :(

Time for tea and a facial night mask. Have a wonderful Friday!


xoxo/ Em



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